A free 20-minute phone consultation is available to discuss any questions you may have.  This enables you and I to get to know each other over the phone and to determine how you might best obtain the answers you seek.


A comprehensive Psycho-Educational Assessment is $2,400.  After our initial phone conversation I email a questionnaire to you for background information.  Next, we meet in person (intake interview) to discuss areas we will assess, I answer any of your questions, and we sign a contract.  Testing follows (up to 9 hours, divided in up to 5 sessions), a report with recommendations (usually 15-20 pages, takes me up to 8 hours to write), and a follow-up meeting to discuss the results (up to 2 hours).  The majority of the evaluations that I complete are of this type and result in “ruling out” educationally-related disorders.

A comprehensive Pediatric Neuro-Cognitive Assessment, runs at $4,000 for up to 15 hours of testing; or $3000 for up to 11 hours of testing.  School districts call these assessments “school neuro-psych evals.”  This form of assessment is designed specifically for more individuals with more complex learning profiles where several areas of learning have been compromised.  It is used when additional testing is needed to more completely understand a client’s skills (for example, subsequent to a Traumatic Brain Injury).   This evaluation includes an initial phone conversation which is followed up by a questionnaire I email you for background information.  Next, we meet in person (intake interview) to discuss areas we will assess and answer questions, and sign a contract.  Testing follows (up to 15 hours, divided between up to 8 sessions; or up to 11 hours, broken into up to 6 sessions), a report with recommendations (usually 20-40 pages, takes me about 15 or more hours to write), and a follow-up meeting to discuss the results (up to 2 hours).  A Pediatric Neuro-Cognitive Assessment is specifically for children and youth up to 22 years of age.

Gate Testing is $600.  We meet for cognitive testing (about 2 hours).  Then we meet again at a later date so we can discuss the findings.  You are provided a report to take home a report which has the results, analysis, and a writeup of my observations during testing.

Cognitive assessment, sometimes referred to as “IQ Testing” is $350.  We test in my office (about 2 hours) and then within a week I send you a password protected report via email.  This report  shows scores and interpretive descriptions.  If you prefer meeting with me in person to go over the report there is an additional $130 charge.

Hourly Fees are $130/hour.  Some clients do not seek a traditional evaluation.  This is for any other educationally-related services (such as consultation, educational counseling, training, the assessment of a processing ability or academic skills).

Hourly Fees for Court-related cases includes an additional $20/hour.  Travel time, court preparation, and any associated hours are also accrued at this higher rate.

Half the fees are requested at the first office visit.  The balance may be paid by the last day of testing, prior to receiving the report.


Currently accepting insurance coverage through Molina Healthcare.  If for some reason the insurance company does not reimburse for all of or part of the services rendered, it will be the responsibility of the client (or paying party) to provide the remainder of the fees associated with the assessment process.  Pre-authorization for assessment through Molina typically takes less than a week. 

INSURANCE “Out of Network” Coverage.  

For those with insurance that allow for “Out of Network” coverage, it is recommended that you obtain prior approval through your insurance company for the assessment/services prior to beginning the assessment process.  Out of Network coverage requires that the client is responsible for full payment, and then I provide him or her with a “superbill” after all services are rendered and all payments received.  The client next contacts his or her insurance company with the superbill and seeks reimbursement.  It is the sole responsibility of the client/paying party to obtain reimbursement for Out of Network coverage.

My office is located in Roseville, CA; serving both Sacramento and Placer Counties. Please call with any questions! (916) 330-4443

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