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  1. Tom Davis

    As a high school special education teacher, in the Sacramento area, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Reed on numerous occasions during the last several years. He is, by far, the best school psychologist I’ve worked with in the last 20 years. Reed is confident, but very easy going. Parents and students feel at ease working with him. His bilingual ability (English & Spanish) has come in handy in situations where language was a barrier. I highly recommend you consider him.
    Tom Davis

  2. Ben Ward

    Reed is my brother, He is an incredibly kind and generous person. He is committed to help people, and loves to serve others. I could not recommend him higher.

  3. Mike Cahill

    I had the pleasure of working alongside Reed Ward in the Psychological Services department of the Palo Verde Unified School District in Blythe, CA. Reed was my “go-to” person for questions or concerns regarding bilingual or school neuro-cognitive assessments. I found Reed to be a very competent and highly ethical evaluator, and I would strongly recommend his services if you are looking for insight regarding your (or your child’s) unique learning profile.

  4. Raela Stoddard

    I have known Reed for my entire life! He has always been a hard worker and a skilled professional, whether it was working at In-N-Out, washing brand new cars or in his destined profession, helping others. He is the most ethical and kind person that I know.

    I was blessed to have Reed test my son, a few years ago. He was not only kind and easy going with my son, he was also thorough and very aware of my sons need to focus on different things to keep his mind going… rather than grill him unceasingly. Although it’s a little nerve racking as a parent to have someone look at your child from a psychological standpoint, I was at ease knowing that Reed had my son’s best interest at heart. I will be testing my other children as soon as they are old enough to see how I can best parent their particular learning styles as well as help them develop where they may need a little encouragement. I appreciate that Reed was patient & respectful in going over all of the options he had available for testing beforehand. Then reviewing the test results thoroughly so that I understood them. It was a very easy and effortless process for me.

    I highly recommend Reed Ward for any Psychological assessments you may want or need.

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