Assessment Process


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  • Cognitive Ability (aka intelligence, ability, or “I.Q.”)
  • Attention/Executive Functioning
  • Learning
  • Memory
  • Language
  • Auditory Processing
  • Visual Processing
  • Visual-Spatial
  • Sensory-Motor
  • Processing Speed
  • Social/Emotional
  • Academics (reading, writing, and math)


The assessment report combines key information that was obtained throughout the assessment process.  This may include a “rule out” or diagnosis of any educationally-related disorder(s) that are identified.  At the end of the report you will be provided with recommendations that are specifically designed based upon the client’s unique learning profile.

Assessment reports tend to vary in length from about fifteen pages to over forty.  The reason for such a range of report length is that based upon the complexity of the case and the number of tests that are administered.  For example a Psycho-Educational Assessment tends to be in the range of fourteen to twenty pages in length depending upon the amount of testing that is administered and the amount of data that is gathered throughout the process.  A Pediatric Neuro-Cognitive Evaluation tends to include all the information that would be found in the Psycho-Educational Assessment, only more testing and data are gathered for this type of report.  As a result, a School/Pediatric NeuroCognitive Evaluation may range from twenty to fifty pages on average.

Example reports are available upon request (all identifying information will be removed for confidentiality).


It is my privilege to administer tests that are well-researched and provide useful information to assist me in answering the referral question(s).  The majority of tests I use compare the client’s performance to others of his or her age across the nation to help identify how much of a strength or challenge the individual may have in a particular area.  Many of the tests I use are administered using cutting-edge technology which includes the use of iPads, integrated with some of the leading test kits in the field of Educational Psychology.  This technology enhances the experience of enjoyable and effective testing sessions.

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