About Me

About Me


*M.A. Degree in Educational Psychology from Azusa Pacific University (http://www.apu.edu/education/counselingpsych/educationalpsychology/)

*Diplomate in School Neuro-Psychology (http://www.schoolneuropsych.com); and Certification through the American Board of School Neuro-Psychology (https://www.absnp.com/).

As a Licensed Educational Psychologist, I am able to assess clients who are suspected of having challenges that associate with learning.  The resulting relevant “educationally-related” diagnoses and strategies are tailored to the individual to foster growth (targeted interventions).  I am endorsed by the American Board of School Neuro-Psychology.  I am not a Clinical Neuro-Psychologist.  My assessments include Pediatric Neuro-Cognitive Evaluations and not Neuro-Psych evaluations.  With my background and experience, I am able to provide valuable insights into how learning works and how it may go wrong for a given client.  With the credentials and licensure I maintain, I am qualified to provide comprehensive Psycho-Educational assessments for an individual of nearly any age (from about 5 years through adult), and Pediatric Neuro-Cognitive Evaluations only for school-aged clients (5-21 years).


EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                                                                           Over ten years experience performing Psycho-Educational Assessments of students in the public education system has provided me with a solid foundation to understand learning and how it may break down for an individual.  Over the years, I have performed several hundred evaluations, of clients with have a variety of unique needs.  Recently, I was honored to be elected a member of a local school district’s Professional Leadership Team where I participate in leading the School Psychologists that serve there toward further professional growth and development.

BILINGUAL                                                                                                                                                                              Being highly fluent in Spanish and having served seven years as a trusted Bilingual School Psychologist in the public school system, I am prepared to assess clients who speak Spanish as their native language.  It is with satisfaction that I have accepted the offer to join a local school district’s Spanish Assessment Team to assist in providing comprehensive evaluations of students who are learning English as a second language.

My office is located in Lincoln, CA; serving both Sacramento and Placer Counties. Please call me with any questions! (916) 330-4443


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